Pinball Dreams - Atari Falcon
Pinball Dreams box
Back in 1988 a group of Swedish teenagers collectively known as Digital Illusions began work on a pinball game for the Commodore Amiga. Eventually published by 21st Century Entertainment it went on to become a milestone game in the history of the Amiga.

When Atari released the Atari Falcon 030, the successor to the Atari STE, Stewart Gilray (currently a producer at Runecraft) took it upon himself to port Pinball Dreams to this machine. It's a true conversion of the Amiga classic and now with the permission of Andreas Axelsson of Digital Illusions we're allowed to present it for download free of charge.

Downloads 1.2 Meg


Title Track 211k
BeatBox 45k
Ignition 91k
Nightmare 96k
Steel Wheels 92k
Main Menu 64k

The nightmare table from Pinball Dreams


The music is in Amiga ProTracker format and to replay it on a PC you'll need a program such as MODPlug or Winamp (we recommend MODPlug for the most authentic replay).

The Falcon version of Pinball Dreams only works with 4 Meg machines and with an RGB display.

Our thanks to Stewart Gilray and Axl for making this all possible.  

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