Ready or not, here I come...
Back in 1996 I came across an early version of the now-classic C64 emulator; CCS64

I contacted the author, Per Håkan Sundell, and offered to host and design the CCS64 web site.

Since that day we've seen over a million people visit these pages but it's time to bring things to an end.

Per has his own great site with an active message board, FAQ, Registration information and a good set of links. Basically it negates the need for this site and as I don't have the time to update anymore, I'm closing it down.

For those who are interested you can download an archive of the CCS64 web site as it existed in 1996 and also in 2001. The files are 71k and 83k respectively. Please note that they do not contain the CCS64 program itself.

It's been a blast - Per, thank you for an excellent emulator. To all the visitors - thank you too.

Richard Davey,
Fatal Design 2001